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At William Penn we teach a progressive History curriculum. Pupils explore influential world events and significant individuals. Pupils are taught knowledge through high quality texts, trips and visits, whilst developing their key skills such as: chronological awareness, understanding historical context, and organising, evaluating and communicating information. They will have an appreciation and understanding of our local history as well as the history of the wider world. Our topics are taught through key questions. This encourages children to engage in meaningful discussions to shape and form their perception of events and key figures in history.

Through first quality teaching, we deliver a high-quality curriculum which is complimented by professional expertise in the form of trips and specialists who study particular periods in time. Through the careful design of our curriculum, children revisit previous learning, through different context, and frequently draw on and compare to new knowledge/skills gained. The celebration of both men and women in history makes the learning relatable to all children and enables them to see the impact that can be made on the world.



At William Penn, we use different scaffolds, such as word banks, stem sentences, practical resources, and adult intervention, we ensure that all children are able to fully engage in our history curriculum.

A key aspect of inclusion in history is developing empathy. Teachers help to model how we empathise with different aspects in the past to help children make those important connections.