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At William Penn, we follow Sing Up's primary music curriculum to support us to deliver high-quality classroom music right across the primary school.

These resources support a creative and active musical approach to lessons, connecting singing and playing, composing and improvising, listening and appraising. Each unit is mapped against the Statutory Framework for Early Years, the National Curriculum and Model Music Curriculum.

The development of musicianship skills is embedded into every unit, with a progression activity embedded in three units of work across the year for each year group. Every term, the activity develops, affording the opportunity to capture video evidence of pupil progress.

Specialist input from a diverse range of educators, including composers, early years specialists and outstanding classroom practitioners, means the subject content is musical and engaging.

Pupils will sing, listen and compose, as well as playing ukulele and tuned percussion instruments while covering music from different musical traditions, cultures and historical periods.

We hold termly concerts for the parents to showcase our musical learning.



We are mindful that not all children enjoy the volume produced by a class or school performance and there are ear defenders ready for those who need them.

Music is a very active and practical subject that encourages all to participate. Those who are initially reluctant are supported to watch and listen until they feel ready to join in.

We use partner work to ensure that peer support is in place or more structured adult support.

Key musical vocabulary can be pre-taught when appropriate and is explicitly taught and revisited throughout the units.