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JBB (Yr 5 and 6)

Welcome to JBB!
Our class is called JBB after Jocelyn Bell Burnell. Bell Burnell DBE is an astrophysicist. She was responsible for the discovery of pulsars while a radio astronomy graduate student in Cambridge and has subsequently worked in gamma ray, X-ray, infrared and millimeter wavelength astronomy.
Speaking on the BBC Radio 4 programme Beautiful Minds, Burnell said,

I find that Quakerism and research science fit together very, very well. In Quakerism you're expected to develop your own understanding of god from your experience in the world. There isn't a creed, and there isn't a dogma. There's an understanding but nothing as formal as a dogma or creed and this idea that you develop your own understanding also means that you keep redeveloping your understanding as you get more experience, and it seems to me that's very like what goes on in ‘the scientific method’.


Class teacher: Jo Dolan


Teaching Assistant: Mrs Laura Carruthers

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Debbie Castle