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Computing is an indispensable part of the national curriculum and is a key skill for everyday life. Computers, Chromebooks, iPads, green screens and digital and video cameras are a few of the tools that can be used to gather, showcase, store, handle, interpret, communicate and present information.

At William Penn Primary School, we recognise that pupils are entitled to quality hardware and software and a structured and understandable approach to the learning of these vital skills needed to enable them to use it effectively. In order to achieve this we have chosen to use the Purple Mash computing programme. Purple Mash is a programme that is used from Year 1 to Year 6, allowing for a progressive skill development. In Reception, Mini Mash is used that is the EYFS friendly version of Purple Mash to give them and introduction to the world of computing. We recognise that computing and technology are an ever increasing part of day to day life and will become a core part of the children's future; therefore we aim to ensure that all pupils are prepared for the future and the technology it holds. At William Penn e-safety is at the core of all computing teaching, as the children's wellbeing and safeguarding will always be at the heart of what we do.


E-safety at William Penn


At William Penn, we believe that the effective use of technology and the internet is a central part of the children’s lives. It not only provides the children with so many educational opportunities but also provides them with the access to vital skills for our ever growing dependency on technology to enhance our lives.

Whether the children are using the computers at school, a laptop at home, a smartphone or games console, children are able to access the internet in an increasing number of ways.

As part of our curriculum and the development of the children's skills, we provide supervised access to the Internet and all of the relevant resources which that may include. As we would protect the children in the ‘real world’, we need to make sure they are always completely safe whatever they are doing online as well. Through the Purple Mash units, pupils are taught how to use the internet safely and responsibly and to use it in line with our school Acceptable Use Policy, that all parents are also made aware of.

Online safety skills are lifelong skills and if our children understand the risks and to make sensible and well informed choices when online then they will get the most from the internet, whilst staying safe. As safeguarding the children is at the heart of everything we do at William Penn.