School Uniform
School uniform can be purchased from Schoolwear for Less, Tesco and some stock is held at Broadbridges, Piries Place, Horsham.
The links to the websites are below.

School Uniform List

All pupils will need one item from each box although parents may choose more. 

  • Grey shorts (minimum knee length)
  • Grey trousers
  • Grey skirt (minimum knee length)
  • Grey pinafore dress (minimum knee length)
  • Red and white summer dress (check or stripe and minimum knee length)
  • White polo shirt (school logo optional)
  • Red William Penn sweatshirt (with logo)
  • Red William Penn cardigan (with logo)
  • Red William Penn fleece (with logo)
  • White PE shorts
  • Red William Penn T-shirt (with logo)
  • Black plimsolls (all year groups)
  • Trainers for outdoor use (Years 3,4,5 and 6)
  • Tracksuit for outdoor, winter wear
  • PE bag
  • Art overall (old adult shirt, optional)
  • Black school shoes (not trainers or boots)
  • Grey or white socks (not sports socks)
  • Grey or red tights
No jewellery (other than plain gold/silver ear-rings studs) and exceptions detailed in the Uniform Policy.