Lunch Arrangements

Nut Allergies - We are a Nut Free School
Please be advised that we operate a 'no nuts' policy in school to ensure the safety of a pupils with allergies.
We would be grateful if you would not send in nuts or products containing nuts in packed lunches or as snacks.
Thank you for your consideration.

School Meals are supplied to William Penn School by a company called Chartwells Ltd.

All children in Key Stage 1 are entitled to a hot meal and this will be ordered automatically.

If children have particular dietary requirements, parents will need to contact the company directly on the number below.

Here is some information which will tell parents of KS2 children how to go about ordering meals and accessing information .

How Parents order School meals for KS2 children

Parents may order meals either by:

  1. Via the website – – the parent must initially register on the site before a booking can be made. Registration is only necessary once, thereafter log in details are used. Meals may be selected as and when required and payment is by either debit or credit card. Orders may be placed anytime until midnight Sunday, one week before the week of the meals required. For example orders placed by Midnight on Sunday 1st for the week of 9th to the 13th.
  1. Via telephone – 0845 603 7998 or 01243 836130 and payment by either debit or credit card. Office hours 8.30am – 4.00 pm Monday to Friday term time, with reduced operating hours during holiday periods. Orders may be placed weekly up to the cut-off point for the whole week in question (Midnight on Sunday, one full week before the week that the meal is served).