William Penn Newsletter

25th February 2015


In assembly this week, we have discussed the importance of reading for our learning in general as well as enjoyment and re-emphasised the school reading procedures with the children.  We are also sending out copies of the school reading booklet which some of you will remember but others may not have seen.  This gives some practical advice on helping your child to develop their reading skills.

Assessment Update

You will remember from earlier communications that the systems for assessing children’s attainment and progress have changed nationally, with schools given DfE guidelines but not specific systems to accomplish this task.  Please read the accompanying booklet which gives an update on how this is happening at William Penn School as well as some of the theory behind the changes.

Red Nose Day - Friday 13th March 2015

This year William Penn children are really excited to be raising money for Red Nose Day 2015!  As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Red Nose Day brings the entire nation together to do something funny for money.  To do our bit and raise money we will be holding a:



Friday 13th March at 3.15pm

The children can wear their own clothes on this day and we are asking for donations of cakes to be brought to school in the morning, to be sold after school. We are encouraging children to make the cakes themselves. We would particularly like funny face cakes! However we know lots of you have busy schedules so shop bought cakes would be fine.  Please visit the website for ideas: http://www.rednoseday.com

The best bit is, all the money we raise helps people living incredibly tough lives, both at home in the UK and across Africa. We really appreciate your support and hope that you’ll have fun both making and buying the cakes to raise lots of money for Red Nose Day!  If you are able to help set up the cake sale on the day please speak to Mrs Jacques who would really appreciate your help.

School Council & Viv Jacques

World Book Day

To mark World Book Day on Thursday 5th March, everyone in school is invited to come dressed as their favourite book character. Children that wish to dress up can spend as little or as much time as available preparing their costume as the emphasis will be on the enjoyment of books and reading.  With this in mind, the children are also encouraged to bring along a book, in which their character stars, to share during the day.

School Communications - Email messaging

We have recently made some changes to our email messages and on-line payment systems in order to secure best value for money in terms of school expenditure.  This means that we are no longer using the School Comms software with immediate effect.  Instead, email communications will now be sent using software provided by e-Schools (who also host our website).

On-line Payments to School for Trips etc

We have been reviewing the annual and per payment charges for the use of the recent School Comms on-line payment interface and as a result have decided that these costs can no longer be justified.  Therefore we have decided to employ a more direct method of making payments to school which is free of charge to all. The procedure is that parents will need to setup the William Penn School Fund account in their own online banking system initially using the following information:

Sort Code: 60-02-31

Account Number: 72679557

Ref: YOUR CHILD’S NAME (please include their surname  i.e. ’Bobbie Smith’ or ‘Tom & Megan Jones’)

Thereafter, when an email is sent informing you that a school trip is planned and a voluntary contribution is requested parents should access their own on-line banking system if they wish to make an online payment.

Buildings Update

Thank you for bearing with us whilst the new toilet is installed in the area near Cadbury and Fox class.  We were due to take delivery today but now understand that there will be a delay.  Please continue with access arrangements as they are currently and we will advise when we know further details. 

PTA Clothing Collection

The Bags of Support bags will be coming home with your children today.  Please fill them with textiles; clothes, belts, bags, shoes (tied in pairs), soft toys and bedding (sheets, blankets but not duvets or pillows) and return to school for collection on Thursday 12th March. This will raise money for the school whilst supplying clothes for a charity to distribute to orphanages.  Everything needs to be good, clean and in reusable condition... Please do not include items of general bric a brac or wet clothes. 

Save the Date! Music and Fundraising for the New Build

William Penn will be hosting a new build/end of year fundraiser on Saturday 18th July, featuring live music from renowned local group 'T Slammers'. Please invite friends and family to enjoy fantastic soul music from across the decades expertly played by a nine piece band, whilst helping to raise funds for the new school hall and classroom. Bring a picnic mat and enjoy the food and drink on offer and celebrate the end of another great school year. More details to follow soon!

Pupil Achievements

Congratulations to Adam Cort who has been awarded his Stage 3 Swimming award.  Well done.  If you have any pupil achievements that you would like mentioned in the newsletter, please e-mail the office: office@williampenn.w-sussex.sch.uk