Eco Focus

Recycling Landfill Waste Resources

Parents, children, teachers and the local community collect waste resources which should go to landfill but instead they are diverted into a recycling scheme raising money which benefits the children at the school and the environment.

This scheme was introduced to the school in the Autumn of 2012 by one of the parents Carrie Cort, founder of a green initiative called  This community initiative is a website, network and green children's club which aims to inspire families to live a greener and more sustainable life.  Since this scheme was launched at the school £265 has been raised. This money has been used to buy recycling bins for the classrooms.

These waste resources are dispatched to a company called TerraCycle.  TerraCycle work with manufacturers who want to be responsible about their waste resources, so they sponsor recycling scheme to ensure their waste does not go to landfill. 

Thank you to everyone who collects for the William Penn, you are raising money for our children and for helping the environment for future generations.

These are the waste resources you can collect:

Any sweet biscuit wrappers (sponsored by McVitie).

Any brand of fruit and vegetable pouches for babies (sponsored by Ella Kitchens)

Every ballpoint pen, felt tip, propelling pen, correction fluid, marker and highlighter can be collected, regardless of their brand or material (sponsored by BIC).

Any brand of eco refill coffee bag, plastic coffee jar lids and coffee stick packaging (sponsored by Kenco).

Tassimo plastic discs and outer foil packaging for coffee, tea and chocolate drinks (sponsored by Tassimo).

Any size and brand of used mobile phone. Not landline phones, phone chargers or loose batteries

Laptops, notebooks, netbooks and tablets.

Any brands and sizes of plastic bottle trigger heads and pumps (used for air care and home cleaning products such as kitchen / bathroom cleaner sprays).

Any brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners, plastic electronic (i.e. plug in) air fresheners and plastic air freshener cartridges (including plastic car air freshener products).

All related flexible plastic air care and home care product packaging of any brand (please remove any cardboard or other recyclable components first and recycle these with your household collections).

Any brands and sizes of flexible wipe packaging (used for home cleaning products).

Any brands and sizes of pumps and caps for home cleaning products.]

You can learn more about this recycling scheme here

These last two waste resources are recycled through different schemes:

Plastic milk bottle tops (plastic tops which display a 2, 02, 4 or 04 on the underside within the triangle). More information can be seen here

Any brand of toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes - these are given to the Philippine Community Fund, they are upcycled into new products which are sold to raise money for the Philippine Community Fund’s landfill families in Manila. More information can be seen here