William Penn Newsletter

25th March 2015

Happy Easter

The Spring Term ends this Friday on 27th March.  We wish you all a peaceful and enjoyable Easter.  The Summer Term begins on Tuesday 14th April.  Please be reminded that Monday 13th is an INSET day and the school will be closed to pupils.

Easter Bonnets

The children created and fantastic selection of Easter bonnets this year.  The Easter parade was extremely colourful.  Once again we were joined by Mrs Susan Richardson, one of our two Quaker Foundation Governors, who judged the entries.  The first prizes and runners up are listed below:

Cadbury:          Finley and Matilda

Fox:                 Alice and Delilah

Fry:                  George and Tom

Bell Burnell:     Tilly and Lucy

Y5 Choral Day at Christs Hospital -Gifted And Talented Choral Day Hits A High Note                                                 

On Friday 20th March pupils from Year 5 at William Penn Primary School and Southwater Junior Academy, attended a one-day Choral Workshop designed to enthuse and inspire Gifted and Talented young singers.

Children from 17 different schools across the County experienced a fun and exciting day, under the guidance of Andrew Cleary (Director of Music at Christ’s Hospital) and David Lawrence (Associate Director of the City of Birmingham Chorus and Director of Young Voices). They worked on 4 songs – all of which were sung in parts – ‘Open A Book’, ‘Believe’, ‘Singing Playgrounds’ and ‘At The End Of The Day’. Under the baton of David Lawrence, over 200 children, aged 9 and 10, worked together incredibly well to create a fantastic sound.

The children were also treated to a performance from Christ’s Hospital Schola Choir, watched the famous Band Parade and had lunch in the magnificent Dining Hall. All children were thoroughly engaged in the challenges of the day and enjoyed performing their work to parents, family and friends in Christ’s Hospital Chapel at the end of the afternoon.

Mrs Tina Kear (Advanced Skills Teacher for Primary Music at both William Penn and Southwater Junior Academy) said that the children thrived on such a musical day – both through their singing involvement and through being enthused by both the Schola Chamber Choir and the Band Parade.

Children from William Penn commented that… “It was an amazing experience. We didn’t want to leave; it was such a good day!”

Music Festival Tickets

Many of your children are taking part in the Choir Club at the moment, leading up to this year’s Music Festival at The Hawth on June 17th 2015. Tickets for this year's Music Festival will be going on sale by telephone, online or by visiting The Hawth from Monday March 30th. As last year, these will be the only ways to buy tickets.

William Penn Time Capsule

You may have seen on South Today, an item referring to the placing of a Time Capsule in the roof of The Blue Idol Meeting House.  We weren’t able to give advanced notice of the airing of the report but we did manage to show all the children in assembly the following day.  The time capsule contents were chosen by the pupils and are listed below, along with The Blue Idol press release.


  • Letter of explanation from the school
  • Drawings showing the Quaker Values
  • Prospectus
  • Photographs of pupils performing at May Day celebration and Christmas nativity
  • List of current pupils
  • List of current staff with brief biographies
  • List of current governors with brief biographies
  • PE T-shirt with William Penn logo

The children of William Penn School, represented by Lily-Belle Wright (aged eight) and her brother Zachariah (seven), are preparing a box of objects to be placed in the roof of The Blue Idol Quaker Meeting House before it is sealed up again after extensive refurbishment.

The Meeting House, near Coolham, dates back to the sixteenth century. It was originally a farm house, until William Penn helped purchase it for the Quakers.

Lily and Zachariah attend William Penn Primary School in Coolham and are child members of the Blue Idol Quaker Meeting. The children have discussed the contents of the box in school assemblies and have put into it various items which they hope will give someone in the future an idea of what life was like in 2015. The box will be placed in the roof space by one of the workmen from Valley Builders. One day in the future, when the roof needs attention again, it will be found by another builder.

The Blue Idol has undergone extensive restoration.  It began with the need to repair the roof, but then the west wall was found to be in need of complete overhaul.  Then the drains and the electricity and the boiler all needed to be worked on.

‘It has sometimes felt never-ending,’ said Susan Richardson a Friend at the Blue Idol who has helped oversee the work. ‘We had hoped to be back in our Meeting House last year, but one thing led to another. Now we will be returning in June and will celebrate with a Shipley Festival concert at the Blue Idol on June 26th.’

INSET Days 2015-2016

As usual there will be five INSET days in the school year 2015-2016.  These will be as follows:

  • September 3rd 2015
  • September 4th 2015
  • October 23rd 2015
  • February 22nd 2016
  • June 27th 2016

Pupil Absence

Please be advised that the school is not able to authorise absence unless in exceptional circumstances.  We do understand that children who have had busy weekends or disturbed nights may well be tired but we would much rather have these children in school rather than resting at home.  It can be very hard for children to catch up on important steps in their learning through such avoidable time off school.

School Uniform Sale

Second hand uniform will be available from the PTA on Friday of this week. Thank you

Pupil Achievements

Congratulations William Cartner who has passed his Grade 1 Drum Kit exam.  If you have any pupil achievements that you would like mentioned in the newsletter, please e-mail the office: office@williampenn.w-sussex.sch.uk