William Penn Newsletter

9th June 2015

May Day Reminder – Friday 12th June

As you are aware our May Day celebrations were postponed from Friday 5th June owing to adverse weather warnings (which then failed to materialise).  We will try again this Friday at 1.30pm. For those of you who are new to the school, we are happy for girls to come to school in summer dresses/skirts/flowers in hair and boys to come to school in colourful T-shirts with school grey trousers/shorts.  However, as Friday is already a non-uniform day for the PTA fete at the weekend, we are happy for boys and girls to wear their own choice of colourful clothes and to use their imagination in order to look as summery as possible  Please remember your fete donations too as we really need these to make the event a success.  We would ask that all children wear plimsolls.  This is a community event and we are happy to welcome friends, neighbours and extended family.  If you have any flowers or greenery to dress the bower, please pass these to Mrs B on the Friday morning. 

William Penn Open Day – Wednesday 10th June Reminder

This term’s Open Day will take place on Wednesday 10th June.  You are warmly invited to join us in school at a time of your choice and for as long or short a time as is convenient to you. We would just ask you to be mindful that the teachers will be teaching and unable to discuss your child’s progress with you on this day.  If you find that a lot of parents are in one class, it would be appreciated if you could spread your attendance out so that the children can carry on with their learning with minimal disruption.  Having said this, we are thoroughly looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible on the 10th.  Please enter the school via the front office and ensure that the gate is closed when entering or leaving the site. If you have time, we would welcome your comments in our Visitors’ Book which is available in the office.

New Build Update

Our new build project continues to gather momentum. We can now reveal that Mr Kear and Parent Governor Kirstie Flood are busy preparing for a visit to the school by the Head of West Sussex County Council Planning Department and Jeremy Hunt, Cabinet Member for West Sussex Education. During this visit we hope to present a solid case for county financial support towards the building a new classroom (to replace our mobile one) and a new school hall. We will keep you posted on the outcome of this meeting in a future newsletter. Also as part of our fundraising plan the Governors’ Summer BBQ on 18th July looks set to be a really enjoyable evening of entertainment and a chance for us all to get together before the summer break - in addition to wishing our year 6 students well on their move to their new school. Tickets for the event will be sold before/after the Maypole celebrations this Friday and will also be available thereafter. Dates when they will be sold 'on the playground' during pick up/drop off times to follow, but do feel free to ask Parent Governors Kirstie Flood and Emma Farncombe if you wish to purchase tickets at anytime. Tickets are priced at £5 per adult and £2.50 per child and include entrance plus one BBQ item. There will be a fully licensed bar plus other snacks sold during the evening. Please pay for your tickets using cash or a cheque made payable to William Penn School.

PTA Fete on Saturday 13th June – Latest News

  1. £50 stalls: This year we will be running a 'Guess the last 3 digit on the note' stall, where the lucky winner will end the day £50 richer! The purpose of this game as it is with all the other stalls on the fete is to raise money for the school and hence we thought it would be counterproductive to dip in the PTA account for the prize. We also thought it will be a good idea if we all contributed toward the prize! We would therefore be extremely grateful, if you could make a donation (£1 is great, more is fantastic! the more monies we have the more notes we will have on offer!) toward this stall. Mrs Jackson is in charge of collection, so please just drop by or give the monies to the children to do so. We need to get the monies changed into a £50 note Friday the latest, so the soonest we receive the donations, the better. Thank you again for your generosity.
  2. This Friday is our last Mufti day before the fete. In exchange for the kids wearing their regular clothes, we would be grateful for donations of cakes, cupcakes and all kind of fresh produce. We are also short on books and DVDs for adults and kids toys, so if you have any unwanted, we would be very grateful if you could donate them to the fete.
  3. Jam jars: We are pleased to inform you that we have collected in excess of 130 jam jars, so thank you all for a great effort and great creativity; some of the jars are FANTASTIC! We will therefore not need any more jam jars donations.
  4. Can all parents please bring the monies collected from raffle tickets sales and all left over tickets, please leave this at reception with Mrs Jackson preferably in a named envelope.
  5. Also, this year we have exciting prizes for the winners of the dress up competition, our theme this year is Native Americans, so we hope that you all come dressed up. We will be having 3 categories: under 5 years old, kids 5 and older and adults. Please make the effort to make it fun!
  6. Can the children involved in the fete dances please bring the beaded t-shirt they made at school to wear for the dances.
  7. Finally, for those responsible of stalls during the fete, just a quick reminder that decorating the stall you are leading is up to you, and we will have some great prizes for both the kids and adults categories, so please make an effort to help us have a colourful exciting fete!

Pupil Achievements

Congratulations to Aurelia Hall-Palmer who has passed Level 3 and 4 swimming awards and gained her 25m distance award. Well done also to all those that completed the race for life in aid of Cancer Research including Eryn Crowhurst, Adam Cort and Arabella and Charlie Bamsey.  If you have any pupil achievements that you would like mentioned in the newsletter, please e-mail the office: office@williampenn.w-sussex.sch.uk