William Penn Newsletter

12th March 2015

Egyptian Day – Up Close with Egypt

On Wednesday the 11th of March 2015 Fry Class at William Penn had an amazing experience when a lady came to do a workshop with them.

Helen Clark, the lady who ran the workshop, explained: “This is the best class I have ever taught in 10 years!” Helen wasn’t the only one who enjoyed her time. Xanthe said, “I loved it when we got to handle the objects”. Another Year 3 was also quite happy, Maya stated, “I was really nervous in case I dropped one of the precious artefacts.”

It wasn’t only the Year 3’s who loved it. Jasper, who is Year 4 reported, “ I learned that there was a battle between Seth and Horas for 4 days.”

Fry had an incredible time and they learned all about fashion, beliefs and how to mummify a mummy. Just think, if it hadn’t been for Mrs Constable this would have never happened for that lucky class – Bella P.

Red Nose Day - Friday 13th March 2015 (Reminder)

This year William Penn children are really excited to be raising money for Red Nose Day 2015!  As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Red Nose Day brings the entire nation together to do something funny for money.  To do our bit and raise money we will be holding a:


Friday 13th March at 3.15pm

The children can wear their own clothes on this day and we are asking for donations of cakes to be brought to school in the morning, to be sold after school. We are encouraging children to make the cakes themselves. We would particularly like funny face cakes! However we know lots of you have busy schedules so shop bought cakes would be fine.  Please visit the website for ideas: http://www.rednoseday.com

School Council & Viv Jacques

Pupil Achievements

Congratulations to Bella Payne who has achieved her stage 8 swimming award.   If you have any pupil achievements that you would like mentioned in the newsletter, please e-mail the office: office@williampenn.w-sussex.sch.uk